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Prices of polyester swimming pools and a list of basic elements of equipment for polyester swimming pools in one place.
Kje delujemoWe operate in the border zone with Italy from Trieste to Udine (cca 20 km from the SLO/IT border), in Slovenia at the shore till Ljubljana, in Gorenjska and Dolenjska region and in the entire territory of Istria till Rijeka.
Where We Are

For other areas please visit www.royaldolphin.info
For any additional information on the other types of swimming pools, water treatment, Whirlpools and additional equipment please visit our company's web site www.titro.si (in Slovene and Italian language only)
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TITRO swimming pools

Presentation of the company

TITRO d.o.o. is a company established in 1990 dealing with sales and installation of swimming pools and swimming pool technology and additional equipment. Basic activities of the company are: sale, service and consulting.

We perform all the installation works on private swimming pools of all types AT THE TERRITORY OF SHORELINE IN SLOVENIA, INNER KARST (KRAS), CENTRAL SLOVENIA, GORENJSKA and DOLENJSKA REGION (Ljubljana and outskirts) AND AT THE BORDER ZONE WITH ITALY (Gorizia, Trieste, Udine,...) 20 km DISTANT FROM GORIZIA.

Besides the selection of polyester swimming pools of various manufacturers we also have an exclusive right to sell the polyester swimming pools UNION PISCINES. Our company is also an authorized representative of the firm ASTRAL, one of the biggest companies in Europe dealing with swimming pool technology which gives us the possibility to offer good materials for swimming pool building at convenient prices.

Titro swimming pools Bilje

The headquarters of our company The headquarters of our company is at Bilje (near border crossing Vrtojba) near Nova Gorica.

Our materials for swimming pool construction are designed for domestic swimming pools as well as for olympic swimming pools.

We operate in a group called ROYAL DOLPHIN GROUP SLOVENIJA in which there are some other performers of swimming pool technology in Slovenija and abroad.




IN THE PEAK SEASON, between April 15 and September 15: 
weekdays      from 7:30 to 18:00
Saturdays    from 8:00 to 12:00

OFF-SEASON, between September 16 and April 14: 
weekdays      from 8:00 to 16:00

Upon agreement you may also visit us outside working hours, except Sundays and holidays.



  • full programme of swimming pool technology
  • polyester swimming pools
  • glass mosaics
  • and other products ( swimming pool cleaners, ..... )


  • installation with or without the material
  • installation of swimming pool equipment
  • building-in the polyester swimming pools
  • hydro isolation with various PVC foils 1,5 mm ( swimming pools, reservoirs, water collectors, basements, roofs,. )


  • counsel how to begin the swimming pool construction
  • consulting the design engineers on how to perform the installations at the buildings
  • consulting of pressure PVC pipe installations
  • counselling on problems with hydro isolation (swimming pools, roofs, basements,..)

More on the company and other swimming pool offer and swimming pool technology on the web site http://www.titro.si/ (Slovene and Italian language only)

Do you have any other questions, perhaps you would like to have some brochures or you wish us to visit you at your place? Please contact us for brochures, enquiries or more information.

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