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Prices of polyester swimming pools and a list of basic elements of equipment for polyester swimming pools in one place.
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Swimming pool equipment

There are many additional accessories we can offer you for your swimming pool (some of them are described here). Illumination of the pool (common and LED), waterfalls, counter current swimming systems, massage systems, water heating systems (heating pumps, exchangers,...), various covers (thermo or winter, safety covers), roller covers, swimming pool domes, various ladders and handrails, disinfection systems, whirlpool besides the swimming pool, etc...

More on additional swimming pool equipment on www.titro.si (in Slovene and Italian language only).


Swimming pool roofs
Swimming pool telescopic roof


Swimming pool roofs 

You can enjoy swimming in your polyester swimming pool for a lot longer than the season lasts if you cover the pool with a swimming pool roof. 

Swimming pool roofs fulfil all three basic needs we expect and wish at the use of a swimming pool. The pool should be clean, the water should always be warm, and it should be safe for children and animals so that they cannot accidentally fall in it. Swimming pool roof meets all these three demands.

In case you have any questions about installation of different types of swimming pool roofs, please call or write to us.

PDF Swimming pool roofs brochure

Whirlpool by the swimming pool


Whirlpool by the swimming pool

For enrichment of swimming pool surroundings you can put a special massage pool - whirlpool by your swimming pool.

The filtration system of such massage pool can be connected to the filtration system of your swimming pool or massage pool can have it's own system for filtration, heating of water, massages, etc...

More about whirlpools (in Slovene and Italian language only) you will find HERE

PDF Whirlpool by the swimming pool brochure


INOX waterfall


INOX waterfall

Different waterfalls can be installed near the swimming pool, to create nice ambient. Besides decorating, waterfall also works as a massage of neck and shoulders; the falling water has similar effect as strong water massage. The waterfall must be installed in such way that the water runs into the pool.

PDF INOX waterfall brochure

Roller cover


Roller cover

Roller cover is the best possible way to protect the swimming pool from the loss of heat; it ensures 65 - 80 % less heat loss, of course it depends on how long the pool has been covered or how long it has been used. Roller cover has also a very strong safety effect; it is strong enough to support the weight of an adult falling accidentally into the pool. We especially recommend this cover if you have little children.

PDF Roller cover brochure

Heating pumps ThermoPool


Heating pumps ThermoPool

Instead of sun collectors or heating from the central heating system from the house you can use heating pumps especially designed for heating water in the swimming pools.

Contemporary heating pumps are small and can stand at the open (appropriate also for heating the water in already existing swimming pools) or under a projecting roof.

PDF Brochure of ThermoPool heating pumps

Counter current swimming units


Counter current swimming units

Counter current swimming units allow swimming in a smallest possible place.

Such a device enables you to swim every style you wish no mater how big is your swimming pool; you swim against a strong sparkling water current without actually moving.

PDF Brochure of counter current swimming units

Solar showers


Solar showers

Self standing solar showers are intended mostly for the outdoors swimming pools and are a perfect solution for everyone who wishes to have a possibility to take a shower right next to the pool.

For the installation of self standing solar shower you don't need any special plumbing, you just simply put it on the desired place and attach a garden hose or a PVC pipe for water supply.




Ladders allow easier stepping out of the swimming pool. Ladders for common swimming pools are made of stainless steel (INOX), they have a special anti-slip surface on the steps, which prevent from slipping when stepping out or entering the pool.

There are many different kinds of ladders regarding the needs and requirements of the swimming pool.



Illumination of the swimming pool


Illumination of the swimming pool - underwater lights

Almost every swimming pool is illuminated with an underwater light. The lighting gives a fabulous effect to your garden. Night swimming in illuminated pool, those are the moments to remember over the cold winter months.

Some lights can be equipped with colour filters to make even greater lightening effect in the swimming pool.



Swimming pool covers


Swimming pool covers

Swimming pool covers are designed to cover the pool for different reasons.
The reasons are: heating and preventing from heat loss and evaporation of water, protection against UV rays, dirt and algae growth during winter and safety protection in case someone falls into the pool.

During the bathing season special THERMO COVERS are mostly used; the water warms up quickly.




Automatic pool cleaner TYPHOON is an ideal solution for cleaning the swimming pool bottom in private
pools of all dimensions.

These cleaners operate totally automatically and independently from the filter group installed.
They are designed for every-day maintenance of swimming pool water.

PDF Brochure of TYPHOON


Automatic systems for disinfection of water


Automatic systems for disinfection of water

If you don't control the water in your swimming pool regularly, mostly because you forget or don't have time needed for maintenance of water, the water in the swimming pool can soon go bad.

That's why various systems for automatic measurement of water quality are being installed in the swimming pool pump room. These systems control dosing pumps which dose the necessary quantities of water treatment products into the swimming pool water.

 Coping stones for swimming pool edges

Coping stones for swimming pool edges (borders)

Coping stones of various colours and shapes for a noble appearance of your swimming pool.

Do you have any other questions, perhaps you would like to have some brochures or you wish us to visit you at your place? Please contact us for brochures, enquiries or more information.

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