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Prices of polyester swimming pools and a list of basic elements of equipment for polyester swimming pools in one place.
Kje delujemoWe operate in the border zone with Italy from Trieste to Udine (cca 20 km from the SLO/IT border), in Slovenia at the shore till Ljubljana, in Gorenjska and Dolenjska region and in the entire territory of Istria till Rijeka.
Where We Are

For other areas please visit www.royaldolphin.info
For any additional information on the other types of swimming pools, water treatment, Whirlpools and additional equipment please visit our company's web site www.titro.si (in Slovene and Italian language only)
Royal Dolphin Swimming pools
TITRO swimming pools

Other types of swimming pools - Concrete pools, liner pools, prefabricated pools and Whirlpools

The company TITRO d.o.o. besides polyester swimming pools also offers other types of swimming pools, swimming pool technology and products for maintenance of swimming pools. In our offer there is also a rich selection of swimming pool covers, ladders, reflectors and other additional equipment.

Swimmning pools

Besides polyester swimming pools we offer also:

  • Equipment for concrete swimming pools
  • Construction elements and equipment for Liner swimming pools
  • Whirlpools of all kinds
  • All kinds of additional equipment for swimming pools and Whirlpools
  • Winter covers for swimming pools and floating roller covers
  • Roofs for swimming pools
  • Products for treatment of swimming pool and water

Read more on our web site TITRO (in Slovene and Italian language only).

Do you have any other questions, perhaps you would like to have some brochures or you wish us to visit you at your place? Please contact us for brochures, enquiries or more information.

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