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Prices of polyester swimming pools and a list of basic elements of equipment for polyester swimming pools in one place.
Kje delujemoWe operate in the border zone with Italy from Trieste to Udine (cca 20 km from the SLO/IT border), in Slovenia at the shore till Ljubljana, in Gorenjska and Dolenjska region and in the entire territory of Istria till Rijeka.
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Construction of polyester swimming pool

The great advantage of the construction of polyester swimming pools is that these are prefabricated pools and delivered at the site to be installed to the pre-prepared basis, in some cases even without usage of concrete (except for the final connection and pool surroundings). That’s why the construction works are minimal.

You have to dig a hole (as with every swimming pool) appropriate to swimming pool dimensions and prepare a space for the pump room in which the filter group and eventual additional equipment will be placed. Then placing of the swimming pool follows, and the installation of chosen equipment, which is done in 1-4 working days (depends on type, quantity and assortment of additional equipment).

All the professional installation works regarding the swimming pool technology are performed by our staff.

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For the swimming pools RivieraPool it is necessary to ensure an additional truck crane for placing the pool into the hole.

For the swimming pools Union Piscines, Polyfaser and Swim Trim there is no need for a special truck crane, as the swimming pool is delivered with a truck on which there is a hydraulic crane to put the pool into the hole.

Video record of the installation of polyester swimming pool


Prevoz bazenaTHE TRANSPORT IS INCLUDED IN THE SWIMMING POOL PRICE, this is of course valid for our working area (Primorska, Notranjska and central Slovenija, see also ABOUT US). For all the other areas we charge extra cost for transport of some pools (Union Piscines and Swim Trim).

For bigger pools where the height during the transport reaches more than 4,0 m we charge extra also the costs for organization of special transport.


Sometimes for the discharge and placing the swimming pool into the hole an extra truck crane is needed. The costs for this extra crane are not included in the price of the swimming pool.

We perform all the installation works on private swimming pools of all kinds in the territory of Primorska, Notranjska and central Slovenija (Ljubljana and surroundings), for public pools even larger.

Prevoz poliestrskega bazenaTransport bazena s helikopterjemNamestitev bazena z dvigalom

Transport of 3 polyester swimming pools

At Portorož we organized a transport of the pool with a helicopter. Helicopter transports are performed by the company STROJ from Begunje.

Delivery of the swimming pool with a truck crane.


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Transportation of polyester swimming pool

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There are various ways of construction-installation of polyester swimming pools, depending on how the pool is made. Swimming pools Union Piscines are placed on a gravel basis without the use of concrete. The swimming pools Polyfaser and Riviera Pool are placed on concrete base. Swimming massage pools and the swimming pool Piccolo can be placed either on gravel or on concrete base, depends on the type of equipment (see the description "swimming massage pools")

Polyester swimming pool is delivered as close as possible to the hole and discharged. With a special truck crane the swimming pool is lifted and placed into the hole onto the prepared base (concrete or gravel). With bigger cranes it is possible to lift the pool and put it in a place to 45 m distant. After the placing and installation of all necessary pipes the pool's surroundings are being filled up with dry mixture of gravel and concrete in 1÷15 proportion.



Installation of polyester swimming pools Riviera Pool and Polyfaser

Swimming pools RIVIERA POOL and POLYFASER must be placed on a CONCRETE BASE.

Namestitev bazena Riviera Pool

You can see in the scheme of the pool how the swimming pools RivieraPool are installed; they must be placed on CONCRETE BASE. In the same way the installation of swimming pool Polyfaser is performed.

Izbira prostoraPolaganje bazenaUrejanje okolice bazena 

 First we choose the place, and then the digging begins

 Placing the swimming pool onto a prepared concrete base

 Arranging the landscape and finishing the pool


Installation of polyester swimming pools Union Piscines

Swimming pools are being placed on a GRAVEL base; gravel must be of granulation 8-16 mm. CONCRETE BASE IS NOT NECESSARY, which makes the construction of the swimming pool much cheaper and easier.

Priprava temelja

Nameščanje bazena

Utrjen rob bazena

Fugiranje obrob bazena

  Preparation of gravel base without the use of concrete

 Placing the pool on the prepared base

 Fortified border of the pool

After the installation special stone copings are laid at the borders of the pool and knitted with
a special putty.

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Installation of polyester swimming pool

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Installation of polyester swimming pool stairs

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