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Prices of polyester swimming pools and a list of basic elements of equipment for polyester swimming pools in one place.
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Polyester swimming pools Union Piscines

In cooperation with the manufacturer we offer excellent conditions of payment for purchase of swimming pools Union Piscines.

One of the leading manufacturers of polyester swimming pools in Western Europe UNION PISCINES, with its production in Italy, France and Spain has quickly gained the sign of excellence with introducing a brand new and revolutionary design and way of installation of polyester swimming pools onto a gravel base.

They offer 35 various models of swimming pools divided in three groups:

  • Standard pools UNION, most of which have a descending bottom, of dimensions 4,2 to 10 m, depth from 1,25 to 2 m and breadth from 3,27 to 4m
  • Swimming pools series BIG POOL, the pools have a flat bottom and are of dimensions from 7,6 to 10,5m , depth 1,5 and breadth from 3,4 to 6,1m

Polyester swimming pools Union PiscinesThe shapes of swimming pools Union Piscines are perfect, rich, even the smallest models (except the model Evasion ) have luxurious steps which make the pool look even more beautiful.

The swimming pools already have the openings for the installation of all the necessary connections (skimmers, connections for water inlet, drainage), some of them also have the place for underwater reflector.

Swimming pools are delivered as empty polyester shells and are equipped afterward by desires and choice of the client.


Installation of polyester swimming pool Union Piscines

Swimming pools UNION PISCINES are installed on a prepared GRAVEL (SAND) base, from gravel of granulation 8-16 mm. CONCRETE BASE IS NOT NECESSARY, which simplifies and makes the construction of swimming pool much cheaper.

Swimming pool is delivered as close as possible to the hole and, if possible, also lowered into the hole with the use of crane from the truck without charge. Where this is not possible, a special truck crane has to be ordered which can lift the pool and put it down to a place distant 40-45 m (depends on dimensions and weight of the swimming pool) even over your or your neighbour's house.

The walls of the pools are reinforced (a special patented reinforcement) so that the places around the swimming pool are than just filled up with dry mixture of gravel and concrete in proportion 1÷15.

The delivery cost IS INCLUDED IN PRICE OF THE SWIMMING POOL (within our working area - see ABOUT US - Presentation of the company), the cost of eventually needed special truck crane is not included in the pool price (see SWIMMING POOL CONSTRUCTION).

Swimming pools UNION PISCINES are usually delivered in 20 working days. In the high season between march and august the delivery time is longer, to 60 days and more, therefore it is better to plan the purchase of swimming pool in time.

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