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Prices of polyester swimming pools and a list of basic elements of equipment for polyester swimming pools in one place.
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Swimming massage pools

Water and swimming during the whole year and lack of space inside the buildings usually don't go along.

However, this is also possible thanks to a special type of swimming pool, which is indeed small but you can anyway swim inside it endlessly against a strong "JET" stream, water aggregate (counter current) in a smallest possible space.

Swimming pools SWIM TRIM offer you the possibility to relax right after the swimming in the massage zone of the pool, where special water-air jets are installed which can be regulated with 11 (or 16) air injectors, to create a feeling of a geyser and millions of air bubbles coming from the bench.

Swimming pool TORINO offers you a similar air massage; in the middle space between the steps 2-3 wall jets for a bubble spring can be installed, to embrace your whole body.

In principle you could use any of the small swimming pools from our range as a swimming massage pool. Every swimming pool smaller than 6 m is suitable for this purpose, but for the swimming pools Polyfaser and RivieraPool it is necessary to place them on the concrete base, which for the swimming pools Swim Trim and Torino is not always necessary.

Swimming massage pools are mostly installed inside the buildings, near fitness's and saunas, where they offer you the possibility to swim in the smallest possible place during the whole year. Warm water and air massage are an excellent way to fight the rheumatic diseases and other health problems. Swimming is one of the best ways to keep your body in good shape, an excellent means for relaxation and combat against stress and is very important for a good blood circulation in your skin.


Installation of swimming massage pools

These swimming pools can be installed in two ways, depending on the type of the pool (Swim Trim, Polyfaser, etc....), on the equipment of the pool and on the place where the pool will be standing (in the garden or inside the building).




In case the swimming pool will be installed in the garden and equipped just with the elementary equipment (filter group), illumination and counter current, it can be put on a prepared flat gravel base and covered with mixture of gravel and concrete.

In this case CONCRETE BASE under the swimming pool IS NOT NECESSARY.

Note: valid only for swimming pools Swim Trim and Torino


Installation of swimming pool on the prepared gravel base




In case the swimming pool will be equipped with air and water massage, it has to be installed in a way that the access to the installed jets under the pool is always possible, similar as with the Whirlpools.
For such a pool it is best to prepare a special place (basement) to install the pool and the filter group (see also the sketches of the installation on the page Swim Trim swimming pools).

In this way the swimming massage pools inside the buildings (winter gardens, Welnesses,...) are mostly installed.

Prepared space and concrete base  

 Prepared space and concrete base for the installation of swimming pool


Installed swimming pool  After the installation of swimming pool

Installed swimming pool before the concreting of floor plate around the pool

 After the installation of swimming pool is finished, the access to the place under the swimming pool is always possible



In this case you place the pool on concrete base and surrounded by a wall or supported with steel supporters which can be covered by different types of coating (wood, tiles, etc... depends on type of installation).

Usually the pool installed in this way is accessible from all sides so it can have all kinds of additional equipment (massages, counter current system, illumination,…).

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The price of the swimming pool delivery IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE (within our working area - see PRESENTATION OF THE COMPANY), eventual truck crane if needed is not included in the price of the swimming pool (see SWIMMING POOL CONSTRUCTION).

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